Photo Gallery


Photo Gallery


Some holiday snaps and amateur photography


Koh Samui, Thailand


       The Ferry to Koh Samui                           Some Fishing Boats                              The local fish market  


                     A lovely lady                                  Unspoilt Beaches                                Five Islands Beach


      Sunrise on Lamai Beach - 6am             Plenty Sunbeds to choose from                          A Rainy Day


              Some local Flora                                     Wild Orchids

Ulsan, Korea


      Beautiful Shoreline                              Flowers of the Forest                               Incredible Forest Blooms


             A Winters Walk                                       Spring Blooms                         Flowering Cherries everywhere


      More Cherry Blossoms                          Beautiful 'Scenery'                                                 The Market Square ?

Kuala Lumpur


      Petronas Twin Towers - Dawn                       Dusk over KL                                  Downtown KL - Nightime



          New Year Celebrations                          Lots of Fireworks                                 Happy New Year



     The Eiffel Tower                      Roman Artwork                   The Chapel at Versailles             Diamonds Galore



          Sacre Ceur                                 Paris Rooftops from Montmartre                 The French Crown Jewels


          Hall of Mirrors Versalles                       Beautiful Cornices                        The Louvre Les Pyramids

          The Chapel of Versalles



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